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What can I do to make my party truely memorable? How can we make our child's Bar/ Bat-Mitzvah different than his friends? What can we do to make our Christening, Bon Voyage Party, or other Special Event stand out?


We've all asked these questions. So much effort, so much time, and yes, so much money allotted to that special day. How can we make it exceptional?

Now, the unique services of the King's Brass can assist you in presenting an event that is genuinely different than the rest - an event enhanced and heightened by the brilliance and excitement of heraldic trumpet fanfares.

From bar/bat-mitzvahs to bon voyage parties, from grand openings and ribbon-cuttings to promotions and special anniversaries, the King's Brass has been adding to the surprise, increasing the festivity, and lending uniqueness to special events for close to two decades.

Call attention to that special person, event, or location with the rousing, joyful, elegant fanfares of the greater New York area's oldest, best equipped, and most established brass ensemble - The King's Brass.


Each Bar/ Bat-Mitzvah package, or Special Event package, is custom tailored to meet your specific needs, and compliment the venue and time of year of your party.

You may be looking for a way to set a different tone for your affair. An elegant string ensemble or an angelic harp may be a better fit for the image that you have of your "dream event" We could also add the light and airy sound of a flute to any ensemble.

Are you searching for the perfect extra touch to your cocktail hour to make it stand out from the other events your guests have been to this year? How about a Dixieland band, complete with striped vests and straw hats? Or a jazz ensemble to complement the cigars you may hand out? A pianist can always add a classic touch.

Want something out of the ordinary? How about a mariachi band to really get the party started? Bagpipers can be a sure hit too. And always keep in mind a trumpet ensemble to perform Italian arias for your guests....a sure crowd pleaser!

You may be looking for a way to set a different tone for your affair:


King's Brass at Macy's Day Parade


King's Brass Shofar Blowing

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